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Medical Shielding

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What is Medical Shielding?

Medical shielding is a subsidiary discipline within the wider field of radiation shielding. X-ray source of radiation within dental practices as well as ionising radiation as a result of medical imaging, radiology, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy within hospitals all require some form of shielding.

Our Capability

Cerberus Nuclear has a highly experienced in-house team that provide radiation shielding design and dose assessment services, along with shield testing and substantiation to support installation of diagnostic radiology equipment: 
Shielding Assessments

• X-Ray Attenuation
• Scatter Calculations
• Sealed Source Verification
Source Placement Optimisation

• Bremsstrahlung Spectra
• Dose Uptake
• Monte Carlo Methods

Our in-house team use the latest radiation transport methods combined with high-power computing to aid hospitals in producing advanced data sets to communicate shielding substantiation requirements for a range of diagnostic radiology equipment. Through use of Monte Carlo techniques, as well as detailed hand calculation methods, our team can ensure shielding specification results are fully optimised.

In addition to our core technical specialism, we are well trained in supplying our own shield testing through sealed radioactive sources such as portable X-ray betatron systems.

The team are also skilled in communicating the complex data sets produced by radiation transport codes to project stakeholders. The specific techniques we have developed allow projects to make intuitive and informed decisions, which gives greater confidence and reduces overall project risk during the design process.

case study 1
3Ts Redevelopment of the Royal Sussex County Hospital

Cerberus Nuclear has provided shield testing and substantiation services for the Brighton 3TS project at the Royal Sussex County Hospital. This work was in support of the installation of lead shielding in various theatres, totalling 40 rooms across five levels.
The shielding took the form of various codes of lead plasterboard, with the PET rooms requiring thicker, lead chevron block shielding. Cerberus Nuclear provided Radiological Protection Advisor (RPA) advice and inspection of the installation of this shielding to ensure that it fulfilled the design intent; also producing memos to record the details of these inspections.
In addition to this, Cerberus Nuclear provided substantiation of the shielding installation using a sealed source (for the lead plasterboard rooms) and a portable X-ray betatron (for the lead chevron blocks). Cerberus Nuclear have provided all relevant documentation for this work, including conventional and radiological risk assessments, local rules, written arrangements, method statements, and sampling plans. This has included performing simple, MicroShield and hand calculations to determine dose rates through relevant lead thicknesses for the different source terms.

case study 2
St Bartholomew’s Hospital Shielding and Dose assessment

To assist with the installation of a new biplane X-ray imaging machine, Cerberus Nuclear used Monte Carlo and hand calculation methods to determine the amount of shielding required in the catheterization laboratory to reduce external doses below a given threshold.

The shielding material was chosen to be varied codes of lead lining the walls of the laboratory; the height of which was investigated to determine whether an upper gap may be left to allow ducts and sockets to penetrate the wall. Monte Carlo scatter calculations were performed to produce a dataset of resultant dose values and contour plots, allowing X-ray penetration and scatter externally and into the control room to be reduced below the annual dose limits.

Additionally, the placement of the X-ray imaging system was analysed for all locations within the room through use of hand calculation methods and code scripting. These calculations allowed the system to be placed in the optimal position for reducing doses and hence minimizing the required shielding.

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