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What is High Energy Research?

High energy radiation from particle accelerators in research and medical sectors often results in unique radiation shielding challenges. These challenges require addressing to ensure staff and operators are protected from the harmful effects of radiation as well as limiting the impact on equipment within high intensity fields. Knowledge of beams lines, intensity, leakage, scatter and secondary particle production are key factors in developing an effective shielding strategy. Activation of components and their lifetime may also need to be considered as part of a shielding design.

Our Capability

The team at Cerberus use the latest techniques and computational codes to assess high energy physics shielding requirements to support facility design. Our primary codes are MCNP, SCALE, PHITS, OpenMC combined with our own in-house software.
• Neutronics design and analysis
• Bioshield design
• Skyshine calculations
• Activation analysis
• Shielding optimisation
• Dose assessments

CASe study 1
Proton Beam Cyclotron Preliminary Bulk Shielding Design

Cerberus Nuclear provided support to the preliminary bulk shielding design of a new cyclotron facility intended for activation of radium targets for medical purposes. This work required a multi-stage process, utilising PHITS to generate neutron and gamma source terms for the proton beam from the cyclotron, both directly impacting a concrete shield wall and hitting the copper backed radium target.

MCNP was utilised to perform a number of shielding calculations to determine the appropriate concrete shield wall thicknesses in order to meet regulatory requirements. The proton beam was assessed impacting both the wall directly and the copper backed radium target. Additionally, the shielding requirements for the activated radium target were determined for concrete, steel and lead glass, to represent a number of processing steps that these targets will undergo after activation. PHITS was utilised to provide an independent cross-check of these shielding calculations.

Other Radiation Shielding Specialisms

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Neutronic analysis
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