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Nuclear Characterisation

Our team have experience in developing and implementing characterisation strategies that are able to support all stages of the nuclear plant life-cycle.

What is Nuclear Characterisation?

Characterisation is a broad term that applies to multiple assessment methods used to assess the nature or status of nuclear facilities, infrastructure and materials. Understanding the status and condition of such facilities can be extremely important when planning or undertaking Post Operational Clean Out (POCO), remediation and decommissioning activities as it permits more optimal decision making, removing the need for conservatism and adding value to the project.

The benefits to nuclear operators and site license holders of thorough and robust characterisation are clear and can be seen through improved hazard and risk reduction, reduced engineering complexity and cost savings.

The information required will vary depending on project requirements but may include a diverse range of characteristics such as physical state, particulate size, chemical form, radionuclide type, activity and associated dose rate information.

At Cerberus Nuclear we collectively have over 25 years of experience in the field of radiometric characterisation, radiation sensor deployment and the analysis of acquired measurement data.

Our Capability

Acquisition and deployment of radiation detectors for in situ measurement challenges (Geiger-Muller tubes, ion chambers, gamma spectrometers, neutron counters) and analysis of the acquired data for our customers bespoke needs.
Development of innovative detector package deployment solutions with our supply chain and academic partners.
Strategic support to all aspects of installed and portable radionuclide and nuclear material assay, from consultancy advice, planning, design assistance, commissioning support, to operation, maintenance support and data analysis. 
Waste characterisation, sentencing and segregation studies, using methodologies consistent with Data Quality Objectives and industry accepted Good Practice Guides.
Monte Carlo
Advanced Monte Carlo modelling studies of radiometric assay instrumentation to facilitate in situ analysis, calibration and testing of equipment, feasibility and uncertainty studies.
Unique combination of bringing characterisation requirements, analysis and data interpretation into criticality safety case studies to streamline the overall assessment methodology making the process as efficient as possible.
In addition to our radiometric knowledge our core company expertise, in the areas of shielding, criticality and software, extends to the development and use of the following technology:
​• Laser Scanning
• Robotics
• Data Science
Our team of qualified experts are capable of delivering quality assured projects covering all aspects of characterisation project strategy, technology development, on site measurement and data visualisation and analysis.
Cerberus Nuclear are at the forefront of the development and deployment of innovative and cost-effective non-destructive techniques which can be used for physical inspection and radiometric measurement in highly challenging environments.

other services

We are experienced in communicating high quality, complex data produced from assessments to all stakeholders. This knowledge allows a project to make intuitive and informed decisions, which provides greater confidence and reduces overall project risk during the design process.
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Cerberus Nuclear has one of the largest independent criticality safety teams in the UK and has significant experience in supporting key clients across the nuclear industry. We are also members of the UK Working Party on Criticality (WPC), which is focusing on criticality safety issues.
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Our team has extensive experience in development of software projects. We use the Agile methodology for rapid release and short development cycles
We are experts in data science specifically for nuclear engineering applications and the analysis of very large data sets.
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