The UK Shielding Forum (TSF) provides support for the Radiation Shielding Module of the University of Liverpool’s NTEC course, providing an industry focused knowledge input to the module.

Several TSF member organisations provide lectures on a wide range of subjects, from Monte Carlo and deterministic codes to practical radiation shielding applications.

As a key member of TSF, Cerberus Nuclear provides a student lecture on the Shielding Design Process. Our talk focuses on how this high-level process is used in industry to supporting facility design.

Due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, our own Geoff Hall pre-recorded the lecture for the second year running, which was shown to students and very well received. Geoff then followed up the lecture with a live Q&A session where students were tasked to think about the practicalities of defining a shielding design basis and performing shielding calculations based on that design basis for a realistic scenario. They were then given the chance to ask general questions about the subjects covered in the lecture.

“The Radiation Shielding course has greatly benefited from input provided by professional experts from the shielding community. Geoff Hall recorded a lecture on the shielding design process and provided a follow up live structured Question and Answer session. These sessions were extremely well received by the students and provide an excellent insight into the professional skills required for shielding design.” – Andy Boston, Course Lead.

The live session was well attended by students, who engaged with the exercise and asked a variety of pertinent questions both about the exercise and the lecture itself.

“Cerberus Nuclear has a long association supporting the NTEC course. It’s great to see new people passionate about working in the industry and we hope that our involvement further encourages the students to take up a career in the nuclear sector.” – Daniel Cork, Director