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Cerberus Nuclear's Inaugural Summer Camping Trip

Article by - Emily McManus on 22 June 2023

Cerberus Nuclear went camping over the weekend. A group of 10 employees pitched their tents together at Marbury Camp and Lodge along with their partners, children and fur babies.

The group started the weekend in a relaxed fashion, with a takeaway provided while they made camp. We learnt that the team don’t do things by halves, with most people arriving with 5-person tents and blow up beds for a luxurious camping experience. Some of the group took part in a game of cricket before it was paused after one of the dog fielders refused to give the ball back. The team sat around the fire and enjoyed drinks and s’mores throughout the evening, and an impromptu awards (bottle of wine) ceremony was held for employees nominated by their co-workers for recognition. Congratulations to all those nominated!

Saturday was a fun packed day. The team set off early to Manley Mere to meet Carl, Pete E and Lisa and their families for the Adventure Trial. The walk through the woods included obstacles to climb over, swing over, zipline down and plenty of rustic (Sam powered) rides.

With only minor injuries incurred, the team had a quick lunch before water sports in the afternoon. People were involved in kayaking, canoeing and stand up paddleboarding. Particular mention must be made to little Sam for holding his own on the 6-person stand up paddle board, and to Dan for losing his prescription sunglasses in the middle of the lake.

After a few naps were taken on the trip back to and at the campsite, an enormous BBQ ensued. Well done to Tom, Stew and Oscar for feeding us all, and to Stevie, Cora, Elsie and Seven for resisting the sausages until all the humans had finished eating! The team had a few drinks, played games and chatted late into the night until a thunderstorm encouraged most of them back into their tents.

Thank you to everyone for making it a wonderful weekend!

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