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We have one of the largest independent criticality safety teams in the UK.

What is Criticality Safety?

Criticality safety is defined as the protection against the consequences of an inadvertent nuclear chain reaction. An inadvertent nuclear chain reaction (or ‘criticality accident’) results in a sudden release of radiation. It does not result in an explosion and rarely is any significant physical damage to equipment or machinery caused. It can, however, be fatal to anyone in the vicinity.

A criticality accident can be prevented by designing processes, which involve fissile material, such that they can never assemble into a configuration that can sustain a nuclear chain reaction. This is achieved by controlling one or more of the factors such as mass, moderation, enrichment, separation, etc. Consideration must be given to the various fault scenarios that can impact a facility to ensure safety at all times.

Our Capability

Cerberus Nuclear has one of the largest independent criticality safety teams in the UK and has significant experience in supporting key clients across the nuclear industry. We are also members of the UK Working Party on Criticality (WPC), which is a non-executive national committee focusing on criticality safety issues.

We provide support across the full nuclear fuel cycle and offer a complete range of criticality safety services. Our consultants can work independently within our offices or remotely on client sites.

  • Full Nuclear Fuel Cycle
    (New Build to Decommissioning)
  • Experts in Criticality Calculations
  • Validation and Verification of Computer Codes
  • Criticality Incident Detection (CID) Omission Cases
  • Operator and Criticality Specialist Training
  • Independent Peer Review

CARTA™ – Criticality Safety Training Aid

Cerberus Nuclear have developed CARTA™, which is an immersive environment to provide real-time feedback for realistic criticality safety training.

The field of criticality safety is complex with multiple competing parameters (fissile mass, moderation, reflection, separation, etc.) that can result in counter-intuitive interactions.

Our platform uses a novel machine learning approach to allow operators and key stakeholders to vary safety parameters, in real-time, allowing for intuitive understanding of potential risks. The real-time data presented is highly accurate and validated against Monte Carlo simulations so that key decisions on safety can be made with confidence.

CARTA™ has been presented internationally and is a highly adaptable system that can be tailored to create training scenarios bespoke to particular site requirements.

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Radiation Shielding

We are the largest independent criticality safety team in the UK. We provide support across the full nuclear fuel cycle and offer a complete range of criticality safety services.

Radiation Protection Training Aid

RaPTA™ is an immersive training environment specifically developed for radiation safety training.

Nuclear Characterisation

We are at the forefront for the development of non-destructive techniques for characterisation of highly challenging environments where personnel access is limited.

Code Development

Our team has extensive experience in development of software projects. We use the Agile methodology for rapid release and short development cycles.

Machine Learning

We are experts in data science specifically for nuclear engineering applications and the analysis very large data sets.