January saw the first anniversary of our company EMI share option scheme, which is a government approved way of rewarding employees with share options. We are delighted that some of the team have exercised their options, becoming full shareholders of the company.

“We’re always looking into ways to genuinely recognise and reward our growing team. Sharing ownership of the company seems like a unique benefit that we can offer, and we’re really pleased that so many of the team are invested in the long-term success of the company” – Stewart Hay, Director.

“Personally I’ve always loved the benefits of working for a small technical consultancy. Among these is the financial transparency with company progress and project forecasts. Cerberus Nuclear’s EMI share scheme has taken these benefits to new heights by providing the opportunity for me to invest in the company directly and become a shareholder. The prospect of a nice pay out in future is definitely exciting!” – Sam Hilton, Consultant and Shareholder of Cerberus Nuclear.