Zachary Strangwood

Zachary is a Radiation Shielding Consultant with an MSc in Physics and Technology of Nuclear Reactors. He has provided radiation shielding support on various projects during his time at Cerberus Nuclear and has become a proficient user of MCNP. He has modelled an NDT cell design using MCNP to perform dose and shielding calculations. He has also used MCNP to support a source analysis of UF6 storage cylinders for Urenco UK, considering the geometry of the entire site. Prior to full time employment with Cerberus Nuclear, he spent 3 months developing an interpolation engine for use in radiation transport problems as part of his MSc placement. His project consisted of modelling various radiation shielding scenarios with moving sources in MCNP and processing this data using Python. Zachary has completed training courses in OpenMC and basic radiological protection. He has also been trained internally in the use of MCNP, ADVANTG, and MicroShield, as well as CAD packages and CAD conversion tools.  Zachary also has on site experience performing shielding verification tests. He used an 880 projector to perform radiation shield integrity testing as part of the Brighton 3Ts hospital redevelopment.