Toby Tyas

Toby is a criticality assessor with 12 years’ experience in the nuclear industry.  He has carried out criticality safety assessments for operational facilities, decommissioning projects, fissile material storage facilities and of packages intended for geological disposal.  He has also produced analyses to support staged safety case reports and contributed to peer reviews of criticality safety assessments.  Toby is experienced in the use of handbook data and criticality calculations using MCNP (including the Whisper package to estimate EPD) and also has MONK experience.  Toby has represented his employer as a deputy member of the Working Party on Criticality and is a member of the Handbook Data and Criticality Training sub-groups.

Toby has led a number of high-profile decommissioning criticality safety assessments at AWE and SL.  He has also supported UNS, UUK and LLWR.  The UNS and LLWR roles required presentations to management safety committees: UUK’s SRG (Criticality) and LLWR’s MEHSC.  Toby has operational criticality assessment experience using the DBAA methodology at NNL.  Toby also has preliminary design phase experience as he provided criticality safety advice, including calculations, in support of Urenco’s Flexible Enrichment Module.

Toby has undertaken technical oversight and project management roles, acting as the technical point of contact on the RWM Framework and projects for the Winfrith site and LLWR (HAW vaults and Silos).  He has defined the technical approach required for work, managed resources and made regular project updates to client ICs.