Hannah Evans

Hannah is a technical specialist in the field of radiation shielding and dose assessment with 15 years’ experience. She has provided support to safety, engineering and design teams for a variety of new build, operational plant and decommissioning projects on nuclear sites across the UK, including managing the delivery of shielding support on high-profile projects such as Sellafield’s SIXEP Contingency Plant, BEPPS-DIF & Silos Direct Encapsulation Plant and AWE’s HUB. She is highly experienced in the use of radiation transport codes such as MCNP, SCALE, OpenMC, ATTILA, MCBEND & RANKERN. She has mentored several junior members of staff and has provided many radiation shielding training courses, both for Sellafield and for Cerberus, and now is responsible for coordinating the delivery of Cerberus Nuclear’s various shielding assessments.