Nick Seibt

Nick is a Graduate Assessor in the Radiation Shielding team at Cerberus Nuclear. Before starting with the company, Nick undertook a master’s degree in Nuclear Science and Technology at the University of Manchester. Nick worked with Cerberus Nuclear on his master’s dissertation. His Project focused on the development of a software set, which automatically generates randomised MCNP code for the generation of crack-like defects in concrete shielding structures. This was in preparation for input into a machine learning algorithm as training data. The MCNP inputs include optimisation techniques, verified to provide valid calculation results.

Prior to his master’s degree, Nick undertook his Diplom-Ingenieur (FH) (equivalent to between a bachelor’s and master’s degree) in Energy Technology, focusing on Applied Radiation Technologies. During his undergraduate degree, Nick worked with a German engineering office, undertaking decommissioning work for some of Germany’s major energy providers. He planned and executed a measurement campaign, aiding in the decommissioning of the reactor building. During this time, he also gained experience with lab-based and in-situ gamma spectrometry.