John Billingsley

John is a Radiation Shielding Consultant with more than 3 years’ experience in the nuclear industry. Since joining Cerberus Nuclear, he has contributed to shielding verification support for BAE Systems PBC, formed part of a multidisciplinary team collaborating on the shielding design of the STEP reactor, and has performed shielding calculations for LLWR. John is also developing new software tools, including novel techniques for analysing neutronics simulation results, as well as undergoing extensive in-house training to become an advanced user of MCNP and SCALE.

John supported UKAEA’s STEP programme with the construction of neutronics-ready models of spherical tokamak components, and performing CSG- and CAD-based calculations using OpenMC and DAGMC. He has also produced methods of automated data analysis with python scripting resulting in streamlined post processing of Monte Carlo and CAD related information. During this period John became well versed in radiation shielding and materials science for neutronic applications.