Jacob Westerman

Jacob is a Radiation Shielding and Criticality consultant with experience in various areas including fusion, whole site dose assessments and criticality assessments. Jacob has been working with the team at Cerberus on shielding calculations for LLWR, the UKAEA STEP Reactor and on R&D Projects. He has experience in using MCNP and PHITS for these calculations. He is also involved in the shielding verification of a hospital facility. He is proficient in use of MCNP for radiation shielding calculations as well as criticality safety.

Jacob’s contribution to the UKAEA STEP project involved a detailed material assessment and assisting in the development of a complex spherical tokamak CSG model and neutron source for use in MCNP. He conducted a range of shielding calculations throughout the project using both MCNP and PHITS. Jacob developed a tool for LLWR to determine the dose rate for relevant dose locations depending on the specified maximum dose limit of a single location. He has completed multiple package design assessments including updating a tool that determined the low distance dose rates depending on the waste, shielding and waste loading detailed. Jacob supported a criticality assessment of a vitrified waste package for the HAW-TT project that involved conducting the scoping calculations to obtain the safe and critical masses. He performed a sensitivity analysis that involved developing and optimising parameterised MCNP inputs with regard to the reactivity from the specified waste package.